We are not angels or saviors

Perhaps our lifestyle is not quite healthy

We constantly run after the ladies, often drink alcohol, smoke cigars and use swear words

But there is one thing…

Every day we make your business more efficient!

Whether you are at the peak of perfection or just  start rising – we will propose you a strategy for further development and solution adapted specifically for you.

From the very beginning, we focus on achieving specific business goals and objectives. We study leading practices. We offer strategies and solutions that will allow you not to chase up competitors but to be ahead.

We do not limit ourselves with narrow limits of specialization. Our goal is to solve problems faced to a client. Often there is an effective solution at the junction of disciplines.


We offer our clients integrated services in the field of design, strategy of interactive relations and marketing communications.

Having rich experience and expertise in many industries, we help our customers to reduce costs and achieve profitability by optimizing existing communications and creating additional brand communications through the work optimization with customers, suppliers and buyers.

We believe that only joint efforts consisted with the overall enterprise strategy can help to achieve excellent results and make a project highly efficient, profitable and useful.


  • Focus on achieving real benefits and effective results
  • Creating simple and functional solutions
  • A comprehensive, integrated approach to a problem


We were born in the east

We used to make excellent photos and videos

Buy then we change our mind

And started helping you build your own business

And manage other companies